Free Crochet Pattern Shells Sunglasses Case

Free Crochet Pattern Shells Sunglasses Case

This time of year you often carry your sunglasses with you in a bag, to avoid scratches, it is best to keep them in a case. I designed an easy to crochet sunglasses case using the shell stitch. If you are a beginner and aren’t familiar with the shell stitch, be sure to check out the step-by-step video tutorial below. The stitch looks a lot more complicated than it actually is.

You don’t need a lot of cotton yarn per color, so it’s a good project for your leftover yarn. The crochet pattern can be found below. Have fun crocheting!

Translations: Nederlands


  • Leftover Sport/Fine weight cotton yarn, such as: Schachenmayr Catania or Scheepjes Catona
  • Approximately 10 grams of white yarn
  • Approximately 10 grams of green yarn
  • Approximately 15 grams of blue yarn
  • Crochet hook 3.0 mm
  • Spare button for jeans or other button of 1.8 cm.
  • Needle and scissors

Stitches and Abbreviations

Shells Sunglasses Case Free Crochet Pattern

Finished measurements and sizing notes

My case is 18.5 cm (7.3 inch) wide and 9 cm (3.5 inch) high.

Do you want to adjust the dimensions? You can make the sunglasses case less wide by working 6 stitches less and make it wider by adding 6 stitches. You can adjust the height by crocheting more or less rows.

Video How to Crochet the Shell Stitch

Video Shell Stitch

Click on the links below to go directly to that specific part of the video.

You can find more information about the Shell stitch including the chart HERE.

Crochet Pattern Shells Sunglasses Case

I choose the order of colors: green, blue, white. You do not have to cut the yarn after changing colors, because if you alternate 3 different colors, you will end up exactly with the right color on the correct side of your work. You can guide the yarn along the side of your work. Make sure you don’t pull your yarn too tight when you change color, to prevent your work from pulling when finished.

  • ch 38
  • Row 1: 1 sc in 2nd ch from hook. * Skip 2 stitches, 5 dc in next ch. Skip 2 stitches, 1 sc in next ch.* Repeat between * and * 5 more times. Change color in the last stitch and do not fasten off after each color. Turn.
  • Row 2: ch 3 (counts as first dc), 2 dc in first stitch. Skip 2 stitches, *1 sc in the 3rd dc of the previous row, skip 2 stitches, 5 dc in sc of the previous row.* Repeat between * and * 4 more times. Skip 2 stitches, 1 sc in next st, skip 2 stitches, 3 dc in last stitch. Switch colors and turn your work.
  • Row 3: ch 1, 1 sc in the first stitch. *skip 2 stitches, 5 dc in next st (in sc of the previous row), skip 2 stitches, 1 sc in next stitch (in the 3rd dc of the previous row). * Repeat from * to * 5 more times. Change color and turn.
  • Rows 4 to 25: Repeat rows 2 and 3.
  • Row 26 step 1: Repeat row 2, but do not fasten off.
  • Row 26 step 2: ch 1. We now move on to the side. Work sc all over the side and make sure you also work over the threads from the color change. This is how you neatly hide them.
  • Row 26 step 3: When you reach the bottom corner, work 2 sc in the same stitch. Then work a sc in each stitch at the bottom.
  • Row 26 step 4: When you reach the second corner from the bottom, work 2 sc in the same stitch. Continue to the side and work sc all over the side. Don’t forget to work over the threads of the color changes.
  • Row 27: In this row we are going to crochet the buttonhole. Work this row only in the back loops. Start with 16 sc (the last sc will be in the sc before the middle shell). ch 6. Now you will continue to work in the single crochet after the middle shell. 16 sc. I ended with a sl st in the corner. Fasten off neatly.


Now you have a rectangular which measures about 24 cm (9.5 inch) in total. I first blocked and sprayed my work with a plant sprayer (filled with water). By doing this, your case will have a nicer shape and the stitches will look more even. Fold the bottom part of your work to about 8 cm (3.12 inch). Place the side stitches neatly on top of each other and sew the sides closed by sewing alternately through the stitches.

Attach your button and your sunglasses case is finished!

Have fun with your sunglasses case! I would love to see your results on Facebook or Instagram.

Sunglasses Case Free Crochet Pattern

This pattern is intended for non-commercial purposes. The pattern may not be published elsewhere. A link to the pattern is, of course, allowed. Disclaimer: this pattern is not tested, this way I can share it with you for free.