How to Crab Stitch Reverse Single Crochet

How to Crab Stitch / Reverse single crochet

The crab stitch is also known as the reverse single crochet. That name actually says it all, you will work a single crochet in the opposite direction.

The crab stitch is often used to create a nice edging, for example for a blanket, bag or a basket. I used the crab stitch for the last round of the Mara basket.

Check out the video and photo tutorial below for more information.

Video Tutorial Crab Stitch

Photo tutorial Crab Stitch

Crab Stitch Step 1

1. This stitch will be worked from left to right. Chain 1 when you start a new row.

Crab Stitch Step 2

2. Insert your hook into the first stitch.

Crab Stitch Step 3

3. Yarn over and pull through the stitch. Pull the loop up a little higher. Do not work this stitch too tight.

Crab Stitch Step 4

4. Yarn over and pull the yarn through both loops.

Crab Stitch Step 5

5. This is your first crab stitch. You have basically worked a single crochet in the opposite direction.

Crab Stitch Step 6

6. As you go along, the stitch will become more beautiful. This is my second stitch.

Crab Stitch Step 7

7. This is the result, when I finished my row.

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