How to crochet Mollie Flowers

How to crochet Mollie Flowers

Do you also love crocheting flowers? Then you might also like this fantastic puffy flower. You can use the Mollie flower as a separate flower, but because it has 6 petals, it is also possible to join the flowers together. The Mollie flower is also known as the Puff Stitch Flower.

You can use this flower for lots of different projects. I made a scarf with Mollie flowers a few years ago, my husband still thinks this is the most beautiful scarf I’ve made so far. You can see the result of this scarf when you scroll down.

The flower isn’t difficult to crochet, but in my opinion, a written pattern or chart aren’t as clear as the video tutorial. This is why this time I only included a video of the pattern. In the video below, I will show you how to crochet the Mollie flower and how to join the flowers together.

Stitches used for the Mollie flower

Video tutorial Mollie flower

The Mollie flower scarf I made a few years ago: