How to Double crochet stitch

How to Double Crochet

How to Double crochet stitch

A double crochet is a stitch that is quite common in crochet and is therefore worth learning. A double crochet is a taller stitch than the single crochet.

You start a row of double crochet stitches with 2 or 3 turning chains. The pattern usually states whether the turning chain counts as the first stitch. If that’s the case, start by skipping the first stitch.

This is the symbol of a double crochet in a crochet chart. The abbreviation of the double crochet stitch used in written patterns is dc.

Below you will find a video and photo tutorial of the double crochet stitch.

Video tutorial Double Crochet

Photo tutorial Double Crochet

How to Double Crochet Step 1

1 – You will start with (2 or) 3 turning chains. Depending on the pattern, these chains may count as your first double crochet stitch. If you start crocheting in a foundation chain, you will have to skip (2 or) 3 chains.

Double Crochet How to part 2

2 – Yarn over. (wrap the yarn over the hook).

How to Double Crochet step 3

3 – Pull the yarn through the stitch. Now you have 3 loops on your hook.

How to double crochet stitch step 4

4 – Yarn over and pull the yarn through 2 loops. You will have 2 loops left on your hook.

How to make a double crochet stitch step 5

5 – Yarn over and pull yarn through both loops on your hook.

Double crochet tutorial step 6

6 – Your first double crochet is finished.

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