How to Invisible Decrease Amigurumi

How to Invisible Decrease Single Crochet

If you crochet an amigurumi you don’t want to have a line running through your work at the place where you decreased a single crochet. You can prevent this with an invisible decrease. Another advantage is that the invisible decrease ensures that your filling is less likely to show through your work.

Please note that an invisible decrease doesn’t look great on the back of your work. That won’t be a problem when you are working in the round with for example an amigurumi.

The video and photo tutorial below will teach you how to work an invisible decrease.

Video Tutorial Invisible Decrease Single Crochet

Photo Tutorial Invisible Decrease Single Crochet

Invisible Decrease Single Crochet

1 – You will work the next two stitches together (black arrows) with an invisible decrease. You will only work into the front loops.

Invisible Decrease single crochet

2 – Insert your hook into the front loop of the first stitch (do not yarn over).

Invisible decrease a single crochet amigurumi

3 – Insert your hook directly into the front loop of the next stitch.

How to single crochet decrease invisible

4 – Now yarn over and pull through two loops.

How to invisible decrease single crochet

5 – Yarn over again and pull through both the remaining loops on your hook.