How to Join Granny Squares

How to join granny squares

There are several methods you can choose from to join granny squares. I will show you the method I like best, the slip stitch method. It is a very nice and flat stitch. With this method, you can choose to use a contrasting color for the seam as well.

Video tutorial ‘How to join granny squares’

The video consists of 3 parts:

  • Part 1: how to join the first 2 granny squares
  • Part 2: how to join the 3rd and 4th granny square
  • Part 3: The intersection of the 4 granny squares

Photo tutorial ‘How to join granny squares’

Join Granny Squares Step 1

1. You will see that many granny squares have 2 or more chain stitches in the corners. This granny square has 2 chain stitches. I will start working in the second stitch, because the other chain belongs to the other side of the granny square.

Join Granny Squares Step 2

2. Begin with the granny square on the right. Insert your hook into the back loop of the chain.

Join Granny Squares Step 3

3. Now insert your hook (from the front to the back) through the back loop of the chain from the second granny square.

Join Granny Squares Step 4

4. Now you will grab your yarn and pull it through both loops. The granny squares are now attached to each other.

Join Granny Squares Step 5

5. You will continue working slip stitches into the back loops. Insert your hook through the back loop of the next stitch of both granny squares. Yarn over and pull the yarn through all 3 loops on the hook. Make sure that your working yarn always stays on the back of your work.

Join Granny Squares Step 6

Do you need more information? A more detailed explanation can be found in the video above.

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