How to join yarn with a Magic Knot

How to join yarn with a Magic Knot

With the magic knot, you can join yarn without weaving in the ends. This small knot is almost invisible in your work. The magic knot is also known as the fisherman’s knot.

If you change color, it is a bit more tricky to use this technique, because you will have to get the knot at the right place.

Below you will find the video- and photo tutorial.

Video tutorial Magic Knot

Video tutorial Magic Knot

Photo tutorial Magic Knot

It is useful to practice the magic knot with two contrasting colors at first, because you will see more clearly how it works. Place the yarn with the tails in opposite directions like this:

Magic Knot step 1

Make an overhand knot with the pink yarn around the blue yarn.

Magic knot step 2

Pick up the remaining tail (blue) and make another overhand knot around the pink yarn.

Magic knot step 3

Make sure you tighten both knots properly.

Take both long ends of the yarn and pull to slide the knots towards each other.

Magic knot step 5

Tighten all the knots a bit more. Snip off the short ends of the yarn. Do a final test to see if your knot is strong enough and you can continue working.

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