How to Yarn Under Yarn Over Single Crochet

How to Yarn Under Yarn Over Single Crochet

Since I got to know the Yarn Under Yarn Over method, I always crochet my amigurumi this way. It is a very simple method, but it gives a much better result. Your single crochet stitch will have a nice X shape instead of a V shape.

The stitch provides a denser result, which is an advantage if you need to fill the amigurumi firmly. You don’t want to see the stuffing through the stitches. At the beginning, you have to get used to crocheting the single crochet slightly differently. But it is worth it to persevere.

The easiest way to show you how to Yarn Under, Yarn Over a single crochet is in a video. Check out the video tutorial below.

Video Yarn Under, Yarn Over Single Crochet

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