How do I get to the free crochet pattern?

When you see the collection of images like on the main page you can click on the image to go to the specific pattern page. You will find two links to the free crochet pattern there.
1. The name of the owner of the crochet pattern is a link
2. When you scroll down you will find the butten ‘go to pattern’

Can I suggest a pattern link to post on free-crochet-patterns.com?

Sure you can. There is always room for more inspiration. You can send me a message using the contact form.

I don’t want a link to my website. Is it possible to remove it?

Absolutely no problem. I ofcourse respect that you want your image and link removed. You can contact me and I will remove the link as soon as possible.

How can I search for patterns?

1. The basic categories can be found in the menu under ‘Pattern Categories’.
2. To look more specific you can click in the menu on ‘Patterns A-Z’. On this page you will find more patterns alphabetically.
3. If you want a quick search, just click on the magnifying glass on the right top of the screen and type what you are looking for.

Can I stay updated on new patterns?

You can subscribe to the weekly newsletter or follow Free-Crochet-Patterns on Facebook or Instagram.